Sunburn Prevention

Sunburn is completely different from a tan. The red color is increased blood flow, sent to the skin to help your body repair the damage done from overexposure. . PROTECTION: A smart tan naturally enhances protection against sunburn. Melanin literally enshrouds skin cells protecting them from getting too much UV exposure. Additionally, as the skin …Read More

New analysis of data confirms the need for higher RDA of vitamin D

Recently published data indicated that the Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) made a statistical error when arriving at the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for vitamin D in 2010. Dr. Cannell covered this paper in a blog. . The statisticians estimated that 8,895 IU daily of vitamin D is needed to get 97.5% of the population …Read More

Diabetes Tied to ‘D’ Deficiency, Regardless of Weight

Vitamin D deficiency is more closely related to developing type 2 diabetes than obesity, which is most commonly perceived to be associated with the disease, according to new research published in The Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. . Obese participants without diabetes had higher vitamin D levels than those with diabetes, while …Read More

Harsh Winter Leads to Vitamin D Deficiency : Study

In an unsurprising, yet telling finding, recent research identified a high risk of vitamin D deficiency during winter months for people in snowy, northern cities. Nearly half the residents of Buffalo, NY, have insufficient levels of the sunshine vitamin in the winter, and 25 percent may be considered deficient, the study from the University of …Read More

Bright Ideas for Treating the Winter Blues

An excerpt from “Bright Ideas for Treating the Winter Blues” By, Melinda Beck The Wall Street Journal, Health Journal December 1, 2009 . Vitamin D: This is created by the sun’s rays on the skin, and therefore declines during the winter. Deficiencies have been linked to a wide variety of illnesses, including depression. So it …Read More

Does Vitamin D Lead to Better Sleep?

Low vitamin D levels were associated with less sleep and poorer quality sleep in a new study published in the journal Sleep, the Vitamin D Council reports. . Men with serum levels below 30.5 ng/ml were 2.15 times more likely to experience short duration and 45-65 percent more likely to have lower sleep efficiency than those with levels above 40.5 …Read More

Laugh Your Way to Good Health

Laughter, says emerging evidence, is indeed good medicine. A laugh relaxes your body and stimulates endorphins, promoting a feeling of well-being that helps us look at stressful or unhappy situations in a new light. One National Institutes of Health study showed that laughter stimulates the brain to counteract depressive symptoms. “Laughter therapy” decreases chronic pain …Read More