Sunless Tanning Tips from California Tan

Surfer GirlsEnvironmental factors can dramatically affect skin, causing the life of your sunless tan to vary depending on the season and climate in which you live.

Sunless tanning is a reaction between DHA and the proteins in your skin, it occurs in the outermost layer, your Epidermis. Every 28 days your Epidermis sheds completely, revealing a fresh, new layer of skin. In the colder, dryer months your skin sheds faster causing your sunless tan to prematurely fade. In addition to the weather, what we do to cope with the cold is also a factor in the life of a sunless tan.


Climate situations where sunless tans prematurely fade:


  • Changes in air moisture levels
  • High winds
  • Extreme cold
  • Winter wardrobes causing increased high-wear areas (long sleeves, pants, scarfs, etc.)
  • Heat enclosed spaces exposes skin to dry air causing it to lose moisture (homes and cars)
  • Long, hot showers and strong soaps will strip skin’s natural oils


Tips to counter climate changes:


  • Don’t skip exfoliation. Exfoliation is always recommended before receiving a sunless tan to even out skin texture, but thorough body exfoliation is a must before sunless tanning in the winter. This will eliminate dry skin that tends to build up in the colder months. Tip: Use the California Tan® Body Buffer Exfoliator to smooth and even skin.
  • Increase moisturization. Increase the number of times you apply tan extenders in the winter. At minimum, a tan extender should be applied once daily. Tip: California Tan® Tan Extender with Bronzers hydrates skin and provides an extra touch of color resulting in increased moisturization and a longer lasting spray tan.
  • Take cooler showers. Hot water strips the body of its natural oils causing skin to dry out. Additionally, it is important to be cautious of the body wash you use. Tip: The California Tan® Sunless Body Wash is Sulfate Free and specifically formulated to hydrate skin.
  • Pay attention to your skin. In the winter it is important to monitor how frequently you’re getting a spray tan. All spray solution naturally dries out skin. If you notice your skin is becoming drier than normal, skip your sunless session for the week and purchase an at home product from your salon. Tip: Color Perfecting Complex™ Instant Sunless Spray and Color Perfecting Complex™ Gradual Sunless Lotion both contain hydrating ingredients that will help color last longer.

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